About OUR eventS

Sahara fosters new ideas and nurtures longstanding communities. Our focus lies in innovative concepts, community-driven projects and emerging sounds.

We collaborate with like-minded external parties, as well as shared and unique initiatives. Discover the potential of collaboration below.

What we offer

With its cozy location in the middle of bright nightlife, Sahara is the ideal venue, ready to go for your friday and saturday nights. 

We host external events aligned with our identity, co-hosted concepts and own concepts. 

External organisations

Enough parties found a formula that works. No need to change it up. Sahara facilitates a home to those and their community. 

Co-hosted concepts

We're stronger together. With co-hosting and co-creation, Sahara supports or collaborate on events. 

own concepts

We know how to party too. A few times per month, you'll find a night curated by us the Sahara way. 


Sahara is a breeding ground for new concepts. Do you have an creative idea or ambition for an event? We believe you can do it too.

We all have an idea about what misses in nightlife. What will you do about it? And where do you start with this great idea? 

How can we help? 

Every creator is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all support. We do believe every nightlife organization is built on some core elements. We can help with: 

Knowledge on marketing, production and programming
Toolkits for production, promotion, budgetting and more
Personal guidance
Collaborative productions

And more. 

Who are you? 

Co-hosting or co-creating events is especially suitable for busy individuals, entrepreneurs, DJs or organisations that need extra hands or expertise. 

It’s crucial that the organisation and concept matches Sahara’s identity and values.  

How does it work?  

Shoot us an email to
In your e-mail please incorporate: 
○ A little introduction about who you are
○ A brief paragraph about your concept, idea or gap in the market
○ Why it’s needed, unique or different from current nightlife
We’ll get back on your idea and can get acquainted. Who are we? Who are you? If we’re both feeling it, we can start working together towards an actual event. 
The end-product will be an event co-hosted and co-owned by you and Sahara.